Tips To Keep Your Carpets Safe This Christmas

Christmas is a busy time of year for the family home, and many of us receive more visitors to our properties over this period than the rest of the year combined. This extra foot traffic can be a lot for your carpets to cope with, but it doesn’t stop there. Plenty of other things can wreak havoc with your floor covering and your carpets may become damaged. Thankfully, however, there are some steps that you can take that will help to keep your carpets protected over the Christmas period, and they are all very easy to implement.

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Be prepared for the worst

There are certain stains that are more likely to affect your carpets over Christmas than others, such as red wine. If you can, prepare yourself so that you are ready to treat any stains that are made. Doing so will stop you from worrying as much about an accident happening as you’ll know that you have things covered.

There are a number of shop bought carpet cleaners that are available which can deal with tough stains, but you can also make your own treatment as well. If you apply salt to the stain as soon as possible this will prevent it setting and it will also draw the liquid away from the carpet. White wine can also be used to neutralise the colour too, as the opposing tannins in both the red and white wine cancel each other out. When you have more time, you can treat the stain properly by using club soda. This method will also work if red wine is spilt on any upholstery.

Lift, don’t drag!

If you have to shift furniture around to accommodate your guests, then using the correct methods for moving anything heavy can help to protect your carpet. Furniture needs to be lifted and then moved rather than being dragged along the floor as this action may damage the carpet.

If, for instance, a table is to be moved to a carpeted area where no furniture is usually kept, then it may also be a good idea to place the legs on top of casters which will protect the carpet from becoming dented under the weight of the table. However, should you still end up with dents in your carpet a couple of ice cubes placed into the hollow will draw the fibres back up to their former position in no time at all.

Keep it clean

Vacuuming on a regular basis can also help keep your carpets looking fresh over the Christmas period. You may find that you have to vacuum more often than normal, especially if you have different guests visiting over a number of different days. If your guests do not leave too late, then a quick run round with the vacuum after they have gone means that the dirt does not get chance to build up or bed in. If this is not possible, then doing the job first thing the following morning is recommended.

Christmas tree pine needles can play havoc with your carpet and sometimes you can be finding them months later. That’s one of the reasons some of our customers call us in once the tree comes down, as we can ensure that all of the Christmas debris is cleared from their carpets and they are ready for the year ahead.

Prevention is better than cure

There are also measures that you can take to help prevent your carpets becoming dirty in the first place. Your guests probably won’t mind removing their shoes if you ask them to, and this can help prevent dirt from the bottom of shoes being trodden through the house.

Following these tips can help ensure that your carpets are well looked after over Christmas, and that they continue to look their best as we move into the New Year. Knowing that you have measures in place that can help you deal with any stains that you encounter, and taking steps to protect your carpet from stains, can help you feel more relaxed and more able to enjoy the get-togethers that you are hosting.

And once the festivities are finished you can give your carpet some TLC and call in the professionals. Clean Direct can carefully and quickly have you carpets looking like new. What a great way to start the new year. Call us on 0n 01908 373928

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