How to Remove Pet Stains From Your Carpets

There are many joys involved when it comes to pet ownership, but all owners will have to cope with the not-so-joyous pet stains on their carpets at some point or another. Those of us who are training puppies will have to deal with a lot of little accidents during the first few months, sometimes even longer.

Parents who buy pets for their kids will usually be the ones in charge of removing any mishaps, and they will need to be ready for them. We can address some of these problems by having the right set of cleaning materials on hand, but they may require professional assistance eventually.

cleaning dog mess from carpets

Pet stain removal

As pet owners, we need to stock up on several different sets of cleaning products in order to properly deal with any accidents that may occur. Things like deodorising chemicals – since pet stains will start to smell immediately and the smell won’t necessarily dissipate – are essential for the cupboard under the sink. You may also need certain products to sterilise the area too, especially important if you have little ones. In some cases, there will be some overlap between the two sets of cleaning products, but owners often find themselves experimenting in order to find combinations that work the best.

Deal with it quickly

Timing is everything when it comes to pet stain removal. Pet owners need to be able to get to the stains immediately before they begin to dry, as once they do they will become all the more difficult (if not impossible) to fully remove. The odour can linger for a long time if the stain is not dealt with quickly, which is something that we all want to avoid, of course.

Put the kids on high alert and get them to report any suspected pet stains promptly. When an accident does happen, completely removing all traces of the stain with paper towels is the first step. The next steps will involve applying the deodorising, cleaning and sterilising materials that will help to restore your carpet to its former glory.

Professional cleaning

However, it should be noted that there’s only so much that even the most fastidious person can accomplish at home with non-professional cleaning materials. Debris tends to cling to certain carpet types, no matter how quickly it is removed and carpets have always been breeding grounds for bacteria of all kinds – regardless of whether you have pets or not.

The parents of young children – many of whom will have purchased pets for their kids – should be especially concerned about lingering bacteria that any mishaps may have left behind. Children spend nearly all of their time on the ground, crawling around, and we all know how much they like to put their fingers in their mouths!

Many professional cleaning services will use steam cleaning in order to effectively sterilise the carpets of pet owners. There are also dry methods of cleaning that are more environmentally friendly too. When it comes to carpets that have been contaminated by too many pet stains, owners may eventually find themselves removing the carpets altogether. Hiring a cleaning service once is significantly less expensive than replacing an entire carpet.

At Clean Direct we have decades of experience in helping pet owners rescue carpets and upholstery, and in making them safely hygenic again. Call us today on 01908 373928 and get our expert help and advice.

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